Bangarapet: Once again intensifying his attack on the Congress Prime Minister Narendra Modi said it is time for the people of Karnataka to bid farewell to the party. Addressing an election rally at Bangarpet, Modi said, “People of various states have bid farewell to the Congress and that now it is time for the people of Karnataka to do the same.”

“It is high time that the people of Karnataka see through the intent of the Congress and instead vote for those who work, those who show the results on the ground. Karnataka must reject the Naamdaars, and vote for the Kaamdaars,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi, urging people to vote the Congress out in the May 12 elections.

The Prime Minister said that the Congress has not done justice with the aspirations of the people of Karnataka. He added that the election in the state is not only about who will win, but it will decide the future of Karnataka’s youth.

Attacking Congress President Rahul Gandhi over his ‘ready to become Prime Minister’ remark, Modi said, “Yesterday he (Rahul Gandhi) says he wants to be Prime Minister. He declared himself to be Prime Minister in 2019… does this not show that his level of arrogance has reached the seventh heaven.”