Bengaluru: The third round of the pre-poll survey conducted by the C Fore between April 20 to April 30, spells disappointing news for the BJP, with the agency projecting a majority for the ruling Congress with 118 to 128 seats in Assembly polls scheduled for May 12.

The latest survey states that the third phase pre-election poll conducted by C fore points at the Congress securing majority for another term in office, followed by the BJP with 73 seats, and JD(S) finishing third with 38 seats.

C fore conducted the pre-poll survey in Karnataka based on Systematic random sampling methodology to select respondents for the survey. In all, 6247 voters were interviewed from 61 Assembly constituencies covering all regions with the help of a structured questionnaire. Care was taken to ensure that different castes and communities were represented in the sample in their actual proportion. The survey has a margin of error of 2 percentage points at 95 percent confidence level, C fore said in a release.